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OutDaughtered mom is 'suffering' from health disorder and 'feels pain everywhere'

OutDaughtered viewers may be concerned over Danielle Busby’s health in 2023 as the TLC star complains of pain all over her body during season 9. The mom of six rose to fame on the reality show in 2016 when she found out she was expecting quintuplets. She and her husband, Adam Busby, star on the series alongside their daughters.

Danielle is a mom of many talents as she not only looks after her six daughters, but she also runs a business. The TLC star opened a boutique which viewers will see her running during OutDaughtered season 9. While Danielle has many things to juggle, the star sparks health concerns as she says she’s experiencing pain in episode 1.

Credit: TLC YouTube channel

Danielle from OutDaughtered’s health

During OutDaughtered season 9, Danielle is seen speaking to a doctor about her health.

She says during the show: “I am feeling pain everywhere and I can’t explain it.”

The TLC star adds that she’s “suffering.”

Danielle heads to her Graeson Bee boutique and, talking to her friend, she explains what happened with her health.

She explained: “It’s still an up and down… Years ago my health just got really impacted with just looking at like lupus and MS and I had indicators for so many different things.”

Danielle added that she has an autoimmune disorder which she said could have been related to stress.

OutDaughtered star gained 20lb

Danielle is a mom of six girls. She and Adam’s eldest daughter, Blayke, is 12 years old.

The couple is also parents to their quintuplets, Ava Lane, Olivia Marie, Hazel Grace, Riley Paige, and Parker Kate, who are eight years old.

Speaking of how she feels on the show, Danielle tells her friend that she wants to “look and feel” better but she “has to accept” that she has gained 20lb.

She adds that her husband, Adam, “gets frustrated” because he doesn’t see her doing as much physical activity like going to the gym every day.

Danielle said: “I did physical therapy for almost a year but that’s all my body could do.”

OutDaughtered mom’s health issues are ongoing

During OutDaughtered season 9, Danielle explained that she had tests related to her health some years back.

Season 8 of the show saw the mom of six experience some mysterious symptoms.

In 2021, Danielle said she was “worn out” from playing with her kids and added: “Sometimes my body just won’t let me.”

She also had a monitor fitted to her heart which her husband was “taken aback” by.

Previous seasons of the show saw Danielle dealing with the idea of having to have heart surgery but thankfully, she didn’t have to.

A doctor confirmed that Danielle has a “normal, healthy heart,” back in 2021.

Us Weekly reports in 2023 that “Danielle was diagnosed with migraines and treated for fibromyalgia. But, her condition is still in ‘discovery’.”


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