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OutDaughtered family's stunning home and thriving boutique are nestled in waterfront city

As Adam and Danielle Busby return to TLC with their six daughters, fans are asking where OutDaughtered is filmed. As season 9 airs in 2023, viewers are still getting to know the stars of the show. Danielle expands her boutique and deals with ongoing health issues while she and Adam also discuss how to manage their work-life balance.

OutDaughtered first aired in 2016 and TLC fans met Adam and Danielle when they were parents to their first-born daughter, Blayke. In season 1 episode 1, Danielle gave birth to quintuplets and after four months in intensive care, the five babies got to go home. Now, they’re eight years old and Blayke is 12.

Credit: TLC YouTube channel

Where is OutDaughtered filmed?

TLC’s OutDaughtered is filmed in Texas in the USA.

The majority of the reality show is filmed at the Busby’s family home.

Some scenes follow them on days out, or to their family and friends’ homes, as well as Danielle’s Graeson Bee’s Boutique.

Where does the OutDaughtered family live?

The Busby family, featured on Outdaughtered, live in League City, Texas.

The couple lives and works in the same area as Danielle’s boutique is located in League City.

Adam previously worked as a key account manager in the Houston area. But, per his LinkedIn page, he left the role in 2018. He now lists Adam Busby Media as his Houston-based business.

The Busbys had a mold problem

Back in 2019, the Busbys had to do some home renovations on their property after a mold issue was spotted.

During a season 5 episode, the quints enjoy their first sleepover with Uncle Dale and Aunty Krystal Mills.

The family was forced to leave their home for a few days.

Speaking on the show, Dale explained that Danielle and Adam were “house hunting” in 2019 and that he and his wife (Danielle’s sister) had hopes that they wouldn’t leave the area.


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