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Claim to Fame star drops major clues as fans convinced they know her relative

Claim To Fame viewers are convinced they know who Monay is related to on the ABC show. Following the success of the show’s first season, Claim To Fame returned for season 2 on June 26 and a brand new batch of celebrities’ relatives are doing their best to conceal their identities.

Last season, the star-studded lineup consisted of the loved ones of many famous faces including Keke Palmer and Chuck Norris. Now, the relatives of huge Hollywood stars, singers, and actors are attempting to bag themselves the $100,000 prize fund. Adding some extra celebrities into the mix, Frankie and Kevin Jonas are back in their hosting roles in 2023.


Fans think they know who Monay is related to on Claim To Fame

All of the fun of Claim To Fame is piecing together the contestants’ clues and trying to work out who it is they’re related to.

As the episodes play out each week, Claim To Fame fans are tweeting along with the show and throwing all their guesses out there.

When it comes to Monay, 25, it appears that there’s one famous person in particular that fans think she’s related to.

Fans tweeted they think that she’s related to comedian JB Smoove.

One wrote: “So Monay is related to JB Smoove? (Unless there is another comedian who was regularly on SNL and Curb). He doesn’t quite seem famous enough tho considering the big names the other contestants have been related to.”

Monay’s Claim To Fame clues

During Monay’s time on Claim To Fame, clues have emerged about her relative.

It was mentioned that they were on SNL and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Judging by fans tweets, they’re convinced that JB Smoove is Monay’s relative.

However, the other contestants on the show are yet to make a guess at who her family member is.

One fan tweeted: “Monay is going to win because her dad is not famous enough for them to really guess. Sorry like JB Smoove is not that known for people to guess him.”

Who is JB Smoove?

JB Smoove is an actor, comedian and writer who can be found on Instagram at @ohsnapjbsmoove.

He’s 57 years old and hails from North Carolina.

JB Smoove’s real name is Jerry Brooks and he has a daughter named Jerrica Brooks.

JB rose to fame on TV series Def Comedy Jam before becoming a writer and performer on SNL. He also plays the role of Leon Black on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm.

He’s in a relationship with Shahidah Shahidah Omar and the two have been married since 2007.


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