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American Pickers' salvaged abandoned Aerosmith van to save it from undesirable fate

American Pickers restored the original Aerosmith van after it was discovered in an abandoned woods in 2018. It is one of the most memorable restorations ever completed on the popular show. Fans are now wondering where they can find the $25,000 item and who owns the vehicle to this day.

In August 2018, the original Aerosmith tour bus was discovered abandoned in woods 110 miles west of Boston. Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, hosts of the show on the History Channel, purchased the van for $25,000 and restored it. The American Pickers’ Aerosmith van is still on fans’ minds as the series returns to TV…

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American Pickers: Aerosmith van restored

Rock legends Aerosmith were reunited with their original tour van from the 1970s, which was plucked out of the Chesterfield woods in 2018 and later aired on the TV show American Pickers in 2019.

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz were originally skeptical when they received a tip-off about Aerosmith’s pre-fame van. However, it really was real. After the final touches are added to Aerosmith’s original tour van, they met their idols!

It turns out the van was used by the New England band Aerosmith early in their career, and original member Ray Tabano helped confirm its authenticity. The band members then reminisced about their days touring in the van.

Where the Aerosmith van is now

The Aerosmith rockers bought back the car and it was outside the lobby where they were playing their Las Vegas residency. The goal was for it to end up in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

It is now reported to be in the band’s possession, as per Looper. Looking at the Aerosmith Instagram page, they still have a residency at the Park Theater location, and still did as of November 2022.

The restored vehicle was displayed outside the Park Theater for quite some time, but Aerosmith’s official Facebook page said the residency came to a screeching halt during Covid-19, and the van was packed up and taken away.

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Fans recall the Aerosmith van episode

Although the Aerosmith episode aired in July 2019, longtime viewers of American Pickers are still recalling the famous moment when Mike and Frank gave the original tour bus back to the band.

In the comments of a clip, a fan recently said: “So awesome. I watched the first episode when they found the van!!”

Another penned: “I say that Aerosmith is the best rock band in history. My favorite part was when Steven Tyler said, you find the darn thing and bring it to us – what a handoff.”

“History repeats itself!!!!!!! Keep up the good work, American Pickers!!!!!!!” reacted a fellow viewer.


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